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New show on The Discovery Channel called “Never Ever Do This At Home”!

It’s finally here. I can officially announce that I will be co-hosting a show on The Discovery Channel called Never Ever Do This At Home here in Canada along with Teddy Wilson, who is a super cool dude from the Space Channel. No word on a official air date (sometime in Spring 2013) or if it will air in the US or anything but I can say we started shooting last week and so far it’s been a blast (literally! AHAHAHAHahaha… ahhhhh).

The show is a cool science / comedy hybrid. Mythbusters meets Jackass kinda thing but with me so it’s way cooler. Teddy and I are basically two “dangerously unqualified” dudes who are going to be destroying a house one experiment at a time. The show is a format that was a huge hit in Norway. You can check out the preview for the Norwegian version here!

I’m super psyched to be working on the show. I love The Discovery Channel and Insight Productions are awesome people to work with. I’m really getting out some pent up rage from my childhood. I HATE YOU UNCLE REGGIE! (throws sledgehammer out the window). Hopefully I’ll be able to Tweet out some updates on how shootings without any spoilers.

You can check out the entire press release for the show by clicking here!


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