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That’s a wrap on “Never Ever Do This At Home”!

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Time flies when you’re destroying a nice house in the country. That’s right. After two months of shooting we wrapped the final day on “Never Ever Do This At Home” on Monday. All I can say is that it was the best time in my life! I learned so many cool things, had so many new experiences and met a bunch of great people. I want to thank the entire crew, Insight Productions and The Discovery Channel for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime! I’d¬†especially¬†like to thank my co-host Teddy Wilson from Space Channel. Hopefully we can do it all again on Season 2.

You can check out some news coverage by CTV Kitchener from the final day of shooting by clicking here.

There was also a great segment on InnerSpace on the show from earlier in production you can watch by clicking here.

It’s now looking like the show will premier on Discovery in April. I really hope you guys will enjoy watching me almost kill myself on multiple occasions. If you like seeing me acting like a big shot then instantly looking like a coward you’re going to love it. It also has explosions and fireballs.

More updates on air date and time as they come. Seriously though, I look pretty badass on this show.

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