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Patriot now streaming on Amazon Video

Yes, that’s me hogtied with duct tape on the floor. And yes, if you live in the Los Angeles area you’ve seen me hogtied with duct tape on the floor on 50 foot billboards. That’s because Patriot is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video! I have a small, but integral co-starring role in a few episodes. But don’t just watch to see me taped up and placed inside a large bag and treated like currency, it’s a great show with so many amazing actors.

There’s also a very cool online video game they made as promo for the show where you get to play as the main character John Lakeman and recreate some of his missions. You can play at 16bitpatriot.com. Here’s a tip: Talk to the guy in the parking lot and get your hands on the meat. Then head to the back of the police station, give the dog the meat and walk right in. Just don’t ask me what’s up with that evidence room. I can’t get past that part.

Anyway, check it out. If you don’t I’ll be forced to hogtie you to the floor with duct tape. Oh and I’ll be posting about my new upcoming podcast in the next few days for make sure to look out for that.

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Shooting Patriot Season One


Great news everyone. You guys remember that pilot I was in called PATRIOT? Well, it got picked up by Amazon! And guess what? My character is still in it. There are so many amazing people that work on the show. I’m super excited to be apart of season one. If you haven’t check out the show yet make sure to watch this cool trailer I’m featured in…

I’ll keep you guys posted on when the show will be out. You will likely need Amazon Prime to watch it but also you should just get Amazon Prime. It’s a great service.

Okay. Good chat. Talk soon.

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