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So Long Fox Sports Live…

After an amazing year, my time at Fox Sports has come to an end. The program I was working and performing on, Fox Sports Live with Jay and Dan, is no more. Jay and Dan have announced that they will be returning to TSN to reclaim their throne as the best highlight anchors on the planet. No word yet on if I along with my sports writing partner Brendan Halloran will be contributing to that show but I will say that if I do it would be a pleasure working with Jay Onrait, Dan O’Toole and Producer Tim once again.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone I got to work wit at Fox especially the producers Jason Cahill and Sean Keegan, writer Bernie Kim and the talented people who worked on the show that I call by either their first name or last name… Vayder, Hubbard, Benji, Will, Hannah, Brumley, Liz, Jess, Gelbs, Jeff, Bates, Heller, Sonia, Toyama, Bobby, Mickey, Teller, Half Wrap, Royce (I’m gonna mop the floor with you) and of course all the editors who cut together our work especially, Swanson, Blake and Jantzen.

Here are some of my favorite sketches I worked on for the show…

I learned a lot. This was my first job in Los Angeles and for that reason and that reason alone I will remember it. Thanks again and never forget to embrace debate.

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That’s a wrap on Too Much Information!

Too Much Information Logo

Oh hey you guys! A lot of you have been asking where the Hell I’ve been / where the podcast has been / how I do such awesome handstands? Good asks.

Well, I was shooting a brand NEW show called “Too Much Information” that will be airing sometime this Fall on Super Channel in Canada. The show is half hour comedy / variety panel show and I’m the host! If you need a more clear picture it’s like the British panel shows 8 Out of 10 Cats and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Just a handful of panellists include: Carla Collins, Dave Merheje, Lauren Ash, Andrew Johnston, Mark Forward, Sitara Hewitt, Fraser Young, Aisha Alfa, Boomer Phillips, Kayla Lorette, Marty Adams, Justin Landry, Nicole Arbour and so many more! (I’m leaving out like 20 super talented people you have no idea) No word on an air date or if the show will air in the US yet but I will keep you guys posted.

Now that shooting on TMI is done, I’d like to thank everyone at Lone Eagle Entertainment (especially Rachel, Mike & Sheldon) for giving me the opportunity to host such a fun show and everyone at CBC studios for letting us use Strombo’s old studio (I could still smell the tight shirts!). We shot 37 half hours of TV in 10 days which is an unbelievable feat. I couldn’t have done it without the best show runner in the biz Greg Lawrence, amazing writers Pat Thornton (who is also a panellist), Luciano Casimiri, Kathleen Phillips & Amelia Haller, director Shelagh O’Brien, Kevin Hunt, the fantastic crew and wonderful hair, make-up and wardrobe ladies and last but not least, the best warm up guy on the planet, Adam Christie. You guys are great and I miss you already (I’m also missing a million people on this list but if you’re reading this you know how I feel).

Also, want to thank everyone for supporting the second season of Never Ever Do This At Home which had its première on May 12th. Make sure to check out the finale in 2 weeks! Teddy and I really appreciate the support on Facebook and Twitter.

As for the podcast, I’m looking to do a re-tooling and relaunch in a month or so. So look out for that. I’m out of the rasslin’ game so expect cool dude chats with cool peeps.

The handstands are just natural ability.

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Never Ever Do This At Home on Discovery Channel May 6th & SPIKETV May 28th!


So excited to announce that my new show Never Ever Do This At Home with good pal Teddy Wilson for Insight Productions will be airing Monday May 6th at 9 and 9:30pm on The Discovery Channel in Canada. TWO EPISODES BACK TO BACK! Get all the details in THIS AWESOME PRESS RELEASE!!!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Never Ever Do This At Home has also been picked up by SPIKE TV in the United States! USA! USA! USA! The show will start airing Tuesday May 28th at 11pm!  CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE IN THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER! So many things to click!

Make sure you tune in (at least set your PVR)! Check out this sneak peek and get a glimpse of the madness…

Make sure to follow Never Ever on twitter @NeverEverAtHome. Also check out The Discovery Channel, SPIKE TV and Insight Productions on Twitter for the latest updates on the show! Twitter guys, it’s a thing. I’m excited.

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