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FTE Norm Matt Paul Tattoo

Hey guys. It’s been awhile. So, as you know I have a podcast called First Time Ever. We usually do movies but, on occasion, we do some fun activities. Well, I decided to get a tattoo and record the whole process at Victory Industries Tattoos and Apparel (1695 Dundas Street West) with my pal Matt Folliott and co-host Andy Hull! I sat down in the chair and got zapped by the amazing Paul Wolk! Have a listen…

Here are some pictures of the tattoos we got. Starting with Matt’s. I also added some photos of Matt’s other cool tattoos. Check them out…

It would be super awesome if you cool dudes and dudettes subscribed to the podcast on iTunes! If you have any ideas for podcast episodes you’d like to hear Tweet at me or Andy @normsousa or a @andyhullbone using the hashtag #FirstTimeEver! We’ve already thought about skydiving.

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FTE PRED website

So excited for this! Myself and co-host of the FIRST TIME EVER podcast Andy Hull will be doing a live version of the podcast THIS Friday, August 22nd starting at 8pm at the Bad Dog Theatre (875 Bloor Street West). We will be talking to Evany Rosen (Space Janitors, Picnicface) after watching the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic PREDATOR!!! It’s gonna be huge.

Check out the show details on the Facebook event by CLICKING HERE! Come by and check it out! GET TO DA CHAPPA and head to the new Bad Dog Theatre and listen to us make some hilarious audio style action jokes.


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The Cool Dudes Podcast is now FIRST TIME EVER with Norm Sousa


It’s official! The podcast has a new look and a new name. What was the Cool Dudes Podcast is now called First Time Ever with Norm Sousa. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! Woah, woah, woah. Calm down. Change is good. The show now is something I love doing which means we can all say goodbye to inconsistent episodes, bad audio and long hiatuses. We can say hello to talking with a bunch of awesome new guests, chatting about watching movies and doing activities for the first time. PLUS I’ve been recording with the awesome Andy Hull who’s super hilarious and well as producing this bad boy! Of course you can still expect dumb jokes, cheap impressions and drunken ramblings from yours truly!

Some of you remember the First Time Ever format popping up ever so often in the old CDP time. Essentially I find fellow performers, actors and musicians who haven’t seen popular movies or done common things, we watch those movies / do those activities for the first time together and then sit down and turn on the podcast machine! We talk about the movie or activity and then use it as a jumping off point to talk about other cool hilarious things. I’ve kept a few of them for nostalgia purposes (despite the lack of audio quality). WE’VE COME SO FAR! I really hope you guys will come along and stick with the new show. If you haven’t heard the new show there are some great NEW shows listed below.

If you guys like the new show it would be awesome if you could leave a star rating and a comment on iTunes. It’s the only way to get the show featured. For those who aren’t into it, I’d like to thank you for all the time and support you put into the old show. It was a wild ride and now we’re moving on! The podcast is becoming a woman… I’m getting choked up over here.

Here’s the ways you can listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Podbean

Thanks for all the support and tweet at me for any comments or suggestions @normsousa!

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